Our Company

In the early 1980’s Daniel Zalman, an aspiring young real estate agent, recognized the need to service home buyers and sellers in a rapidly changing market.  Daniel perceived the complexity of the market evolving into the 21st century as a result of economic conditions and technology on the rise.

Keeping abreast of ever-changing trends within the marketplace, combined with managing a sales force, Daniel spent years developing innovative ways to market properties and assist buyers.  Zalman founded his company with a revolutionary philosophy:  the client’s best interest above all.

In 1991, Rosann Zalman joined forces and together with having approximately 50 years of experience, Daniel and Rosann forged a tradition of professionalism, exceptional service and customer satisfaction that has become their company hallmark.

As pioneers of the real estate industry, Zalman and Company provides the knowledge, expertise and security to smooth the path for your next sale or purchase.

Why We Succeed

  • We Succeed By Being Tenacious Problem Solvers.
  • We Succeed By Tapping Into Stategic Alliances, Contacts, Databases, Research And Industry Affiliations.
  • We Succeed By Commitment To The Highest Standards In The Real Estate Industry.
  • Above All, We Succeed Because We Understand Our Business And Your Business.